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Artiopia, in the vision of its creators, is the tool created ad hoc for Italian quality craftsmanship. The home where small and medium-sized enterprises, of high quality certified by an artistic commission, can express their potential even in markets otherwise difficult to reach. A place to find unique and unrepeatable collections, created specifically for our e-shop and designed to establish themselves as excellences in their sector.


Craftsmanship is not just a production process, it is not just a how to do it, but also and above all a know-how, a knowledge that derives from tradition and the continuous expression of those historical, cultural and aesthetic values ​​that characterize made in Italy and make it esteemed in the world. It is that indissoluble union between artistic expressiveness and technical competence that makes each creation unique and unrepeatable, because even in its functionality it brings with it meanings that go far beyond the simple use value of the product, be it a wooden frame. finely carved, a bracelet of precious materials or a terracotta vase made with techniques that have been handed down from generation to generation for centuries, respecting tradition but with an eye towards innovation and the future.

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December 7, 2020
Italy and craftmanship, an indissoluble bond.

"Italian craftsmanship, an asset that we must defend, aware of its value for our entire Italian system" "Craftsmanship as a paradigm of our economic system. A value to defend" Let's try to do an experiment. If I say Italy what comes to your mind? What (positive) characteristic do you immediately associate with?  I am convinced […]

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December 7, 2020

An Etruscan jewel made me reflect on the concept of eternity and how we relate to the most precious objects we have. Etruscan artifacts show us how skilled goldsmiths were at the time, able to use a wide variety of techniques and tools, wisely chosen from: embossing, printing, engraving and filigree techniques based on the […]

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December 7, 2020
HANDMADE STORIES N°1 - Massimiliano Benvenuti

Today we meet Massimiliano Benvenuti, silversmith craftsman, son of art and owner of Osvaldo Benvenuti. From the very first meeting, Massimiliano manages to convey knowledge of his profession but also the desire and awareness that innovation, even in his sector, is the only way to a future as protagonists. «To break the ice Massimiliano let's […]

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