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December 7, 2020

Italy and craftmanship, an indissoluble bond.

"Italian craftsmanship, an asset that we must defend, aware of its value for our entire Italian system" "Craftsmanship as a paradigm of our economic system. A value to defend"

Let's try to do an experiment. If I say Italy what comes to your mind? What (positive) characteristic do you immediately associate with? 

I am convinced that in most cases, especially from the point of view of an external observer, perhaps not an Italian one, the first answer will be our art, our Renaissance, our paintings or our statues. And this of course can only please us and make us proud.

Despite this, it shouldn't be the first association. Because in the artistic field we have been record holders, leader for many years but not forever. In research and science the same. In medicine, in the automotive industry and in many other sectors, we have had a primacy, or a partial primacy for limited periods, which, however, often went to dissolve covered by our own inefficiencies, bureaucratic and political. But there is a sector that, fighting against all this, has maintained its uniqueness and its unique strength is vital: craftsmanship.

Let's take an example. The painting of a great artist lives on his own rightful reputation, but the latter was only possible thanks to a system of artisans who worked for the master. From the framer to the carver, from the marble worker to the blacksmith, from the construction worker to the glazier ... a wonderful world that has always been enriched with new faces of the same wonderful coin.

Let's do another: the great industries of our history, from cars to mechanics, are based and live on small and medium-sized enterprises that are able to support them and create that know-how that can only compete with the economy of foreign competitors. As well as for our wonderful fashion and leather goods fabric. All united by history, yes, but also by a present that cannot be overshadowed.

Our economy, always in crisis and always fighting primarily against itself, is based and has always been based on our craftsmanship, made up of its small and medium-sized enterprises, its difficulties, its realities, its unique facets. Uniqueness and rarity that allow to emerge even in the world of quantity rather than quality. Why do we still have entire sectors that invest in Italy and not simply where the cost is lower, for example in the Chinese market? Because even today the know-how of Italian craftsmanship is such as to justify a higher cost for those who want that type of quality (let's think once again of leather goods in Tuscany, where the big names rely on our tertiary sector or on the mechanical industry of precision that does the same). It is not a foregone conclusion, and it is not something that we can believe we will have forever, unless we ourselves, with institutional choices and political vision, choose to defend it strenuously.

We, as an Italian system, are this. We learn to love ourselves but above all to defend ourselves! Without the contribution of craftsmanship, of the shop, we would not be there. Everyone, including our site, can and must somehow support this world. The risk of seeing all this lost is there, but we have the tools to reverse this dangerous trend.

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