Studio Wick

Can you resist a blank page?
"Books and notebooks, albums and objects covered with leather and paper"
A moment to free new thoughts, confirm particular events, dream and make plans. The precious leather bindings give the writing a special value.
No keyboard, no screen can replace handwriting or paper. Some things have to be written by hand to find them in the future. Our books and objects are made exclusively by hand, the result of excellent craftsmanship, creativity and a particular taste that only a master craftsman can offer.
Veronika Focacci Wick, owner of Studio Wick, born in Austria but Florentine of choice for more than 30 years and qualified restorer of works of art on paper. Her experience of ancient bindings and knowledge of the material give her the opportunity to create objects full of tradition but renewed in their use and fresh in their appearance. Personalization is the extra touch that gives a special value to each of your books. Writing by hand is always an intimate thing, the diary made to measure, in soft leather to the touch and with colors that respect the personality, accompanies you in your days.
The knowledge must be passed down and the passion for books has led Veronika to teach artisan and artistic bookbinding in her personalized workshops in Italy and abroad.


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